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Our Water


Great Springs Water

Our spring water is sourced from Harvest Springs, located on over 250 acres of protected land the spring serves as the head water of Tack Brook, and has been flowing in Plymouth County for hundreds of years. We take immense pride in delivering the purest and most refreshing drinking water straight from your local natural springs.

The water is filtered naturally by sand and gravel and has 1 million gallons/day of crisp 45 degree water flow. Once hitting our collection technology, the naturally filtered spring water is then flushed through a final micro-filtration process and two rounds of UV light for water treatment to ensure the you are receiving the best spring water.

Learn more about the spring water journey - from how spring water is made all the way to the drinking water available at our spring water refill locations. 



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How Spring Water Is Made

Water deep from within the Earth bubbles up through the layers of pristine sand and gravel to the surface of our spring - nature’s very own perfected filtration system. Health benefits amount as every drop absorbs essential minerals along the way, while maintaining the water's purity.

Great Springs Natural Spring Water - 5 Gallon Refillable Jug at Natural Harvest Springs Waterfall


Spring Water Collection

Our spring water is collected and flows into our on-site stainless steel tankers at the spring, where it is held awaiting final filtration - a micro-filter process and disinfection through the use of a sanitizing ultraviolet light treatment. We also employ cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to minimize any disruption to the natural environment during the collection process.

Transporting The Spring Water

After filtration and UV light treatments, our Spring Water is ready to be enjoyed and is loaded into one of our stainless steel tankers which is then delivered straight to one of our water refill stations in your neighborhood - the only drive this water will ever take before it gets to you.

Spring Water Ready For Refills

Our spring water rests comfortably in our modern, state of the art water refill stations awaiting a reusable water bottle. It knows it won’t get to your bottle before one last UV light bath on its way out. Serviced by our expert team regularly, you’ll never have to worry about us running out of spring water or our water refill stations not looking our best.

End of the Journey

A Great Springs customer uses our water refill station to fill their reusable bottle - the end of one journey and the start of a new one. Whether stored in the fridge, in a cooler, or displayed on the counter top, our water knows it’s going to a good home. It won’t be long until you’ll want to fill up again.

Great Springs Natural Spring Water - 5 Gallon Refillable Jug on at-home Water Bottle Dispenser Stand