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Unearthing Great Springs

A Legacy of Community, Sustainability & Pure Spring Water

After 3 decades...

of experience in the water industry, one of the founders of Great Springs realized that so many of the ways in which we consume water are complicated, wasteful, and impersonal.

The bottled water that sits on our store shelves very often comes from a long, long way - up to thousands of miles - and goes through an arduous bottling process that wastes more water than we consume in the final product. Home delivery water can often travel the same distance and comes with a hefty delivery fee. Every way in which we used to procure spring water was filled with middlemen - long journeys, fuel costs, bottling plants, delivery drivers, shelf space, plastic waste - and every one of them cost us something, be it dollars and cents or environmental health. 

From here, Great Springs was born. Our mission is to provide each community we enter with the highest quality, healthiest, locally sourced spring water.

Our process is what sets us apart. We will never operate a bottling facility, the water travels the minimum distance possible from the spring to our water refill stations, and we cut out all unnecessary processes and middlemen. 

What ties all these ideas together is our tagline - 'Forever Local'. We believe drinking water is at the center of our health and wellbeing, both at the individual and community level. Our communities' water shouldn't be sourced from other states or overseas - they don't need to be. We believe the highest quality spring water can be found locally, and being sourced this way minimizes our environmental impact.

We're working now to bring healthy, local, filtered spring water to communities in New England, but wherever we find ourselves, we're dedicated to upholding these principals and our mission: quality, healthy, local spring water that is never bottled and sustainably distributed.

Great Springs Child Drinking Water Our Mission


Great Springs’ mission is to provide New England residents with the best tasting, healthiest Massachusetts sourced spring water in a way that will forever preserve its iconic landscape.